Editorial & Journalism

Sprudge covers the coffee industry on an international level, publishing coffee news on every front — from drink recipes to in-depth barista competition coverage. Below are a couple of my contributions about Columbus' coffee scene.

Columbus Alive
Though I tend to focus on music, I am fairly versatile in what I cover for Columbus’ entertainment weekly. The stories here ought to show a little bit of everything.

The Agit Reader
The Agit Reader is a small online publication, but as a staff we manage to publish new content daily. I focus on music by pop-punk and alternative rock artists. The links below lead to a couple choice cuts, as well as a year-end column about guitar rock.

The Columbus Coffee Experience
The Columbus Coffee Experience is a coffee tourism campaign from Experience Columbus. I contribute to the campaign's blog, crafting posts that showcase the growth of coffee business and culture in Columbus.

The Lantern
I wrote an abundance of pieces for Ohio State’s student newspaper, as both a student reporter and editor. Visit The Lantern's website to explore the reporting of a college-aged Matthew.

PromoWest Productions
My biggest responsibility as a marketing intern with PromoWest Productions was editing and managing the company blog. This meant a lot of concert previews and recaps. Check out my profile on the PromoWest blog to see some of my first pieces of music criticism and promotion.